Our complete release list! Check our SoundCloud or Bandcamp pages to hear samples from each release!


INSULTER The Misanthrope CD (BREW097)
Second full length of Black Thrashing madness from these German maniacs! Vicious and evil! They’ve followed in the tried and true footsteps of bands like DESASTER or DESTROYER 666 but still toss in their own unique Doom and Death nuances. Prepare for a destroyed neck! Released 27 February 2018. Available!


NIGHTBREED Beyond Inferno CD (BREW096)
Grab a beer and get ready to Thrash like a maniac! The Greeks return with their second full length offering a perfect mixture between classic EXODUS and classic KREATOR! Aggressive, fast and in your face! Released 31 January 2018. Available!


Couldn’t resist joining Metal forces with Polish comrades Putrid Cult to release this wild Death Thrash demo. This release is basically what one would get if you crossed old PESTILENCE with a bit of classic SLAYER and tossed in some “Abominations” MORBID ANGEL!! Includes bonus live video from Putrid Metal Madness Vol. 1! Released 20 December 2017. Available!


GOAT OF MENDES Hagzussa – Riding The Fence CD (BREW094)
The Wiccan Metal masters from Germany return after 6 years since their last full length album! “Hagzussa – Riding The Fence” offers 6 tracks plus an intro. Raw and untamed Heavy Metal infused with nuances of Doom, Black and, of course, a huge dose of Folk the band have long been known for await those who are ready to embark on this mystical pagan journey! Released 31 October 2017. Available!


RADIATION The Gift Of Doom CD (BREW093)
These filthy bastards from Slovakia are offering up a nuclear fusion of unrelenting Death Thrash on this debut full length! Exactly following the steps they took on their 5 track self self released 7″ from 2013 it’s gritty, fast and intense, just as Thrash should be! Indulge your senses with these vicious tracks and don’t blame us for the severe whiplash! Released 17 October 2017. Available!


MIDNITE HELLION Condemned To Hell CD (BREW092)
Condemned To Headbang should be the title of this stunning debut full length from New Jersey’s purveyers of classic Heavy Metal mixed with copious amounts of Bay Area style Thrash! These guys have created an oustanding album, chock full of addictive riffs and sing along songs that’ll have every head banging, fist pumping and mouth singing along! Among the pure Metal bliss is a catchy as hell tune called “Teenage Bloodsuckin Bimbos”, which will be the theme song for an upcoming B movie of the same name. Witches Brew and MIDNITE HELLION revel in the knowledge that you ARE truly condemned to headbang! Released 15 September 2017. Available!


DEMONIAC Intemperance CD (BREW091)
Chileans DEMONIAC are one of the newest additions to the Brew Crew and kick things off with their debut full length, “Intemperance”, a work that truly encompasses everything a Thrash Metal album should have: raw, youthful energy straddling the lines between all out bestial Thrash and a more technical edge akin to DEATH or ATHEIST, violent riffs, finger burning, virtuosoesque solos and aggressive vocals! An outstanding Thrash album! Released 15 September 2017. Available!


HELLRAZORS / TULSADOOM Helltulsarazordoom Split LP (BREW090)
Is your neck ready for some hellish barbaric thrashing?! Good, because we’re proud to brew up this very special Split 12″ record featuring Austrian bands HELLRAZORS and TULSADOOM!!! Each band has summoned forth 4 previously unreleased, Black thrashing heavy metal tracks for all hellbangers and beer drinkers! The LP is limited to 500 hand numbered copies, includes TWO(!!) A1 size posters and a printed inner sleeve! For the tape lovers out there this one will simultaneously get the cassette treatment by Cursed Records (Austria)! Hail and Kill!!! Released 17 October 2017. Available!


MORPHOSYS The Saw Is Family CD (BREW089)
After approximately 6 years between the last release from local Regensburg band MORPHOSYS, we present their brand new, devastating full length, chock full of pummeling Death Metal skillfully infused with Thrash, Death and even a dash of Black Metal influences! “The Saw Is Family” features 9 varied tracks, alternating between furious speed passages and mid paced hair whipping crunchers, all accompanied by razor riffs, standout basslines and brutal drums! Features a ripping rendition of the MASSACRE classic “Corpse Grinder”. This is sure to please all Death Metal fiends worldwide and comes highly recommended for fans of OBITUARY, ASPHYX, MASSACRE (of corpse!), AUTOPSY or BENEDICTION! Released 15 September 2017. Available!


UNDER ASSAULT Possessed By Steel 7″ (BREW088)
Simply blown away by this Paraguayan bands, self released first full length, it was mutually agreed upon to form a thrash alliance! This exclusive 7″ features two brand new speed thrashing tracks to gap the time while the guys record their debut for Witches Brew! Available as black vinyl with A4 one sided insert. Released 21 July 2017. Available!


RAPTORE Rage N’ Fever CD (BREW087)
RAPTORE, from Buenos Aires, have a lot to offer all Traditional Heavy Metal fans around the world, this was clearly apparent the first time their songs burst forth from the Brewery speakers! Having already been released in South America since 2016, this exclusive European edition of their debut full length includes 2 additional bonus tracks! This is, simply put, high octane Metal, chock full of rabid, razor riffs and super catchy choruses. Features the fantastic artwork from well known artist Mario Lopez! Released 21 July 2017. Available!


As the Brewmistress is known for taking her vacations in unique places, this time flight 666 took her to the underworld, where she discovered two hordes of wild thrashing maniacs! To get the heads banging, DISORDER from Nepal present 6 aggressive, crushing tracks from their 2016 self release “Corrupted Influence” while DISTRUPTOR from Peru finish the total neck devastation with 4 hellish, annihilating tracks taken from their tape only release, “Traumatic Death”, from earlier this year. Hellcome to the underworld, grab a beer and THRASH! Released 21 July 2017. Available!


RAVENSIRE Tyrant’s Dictum 7″ (BREW085)
To close out an old chapter in this Portugues Band’s history in a majestic manner, this special EP offers one never before released track, “Tyrant’s Dictum” and a completely different version of “Facing The Wind”, originally found on their debut MCD! Two very epic Traditional Heavy Metal anthems that anybody who adores bands like MANILLA ROAD, BROCAS HELM or the like should definitely have in their collection! Available as black vinyl, limited to 300 hand numbered copies and including a printed inner sleeve with lyrics/liner notes! Released 26 May 2017. Available!


WITCHNIGHT Unholy Speed Metal MCD (BREW084)
Witches Brew joins forces with this fast and furious trio from Argentina! We’re offering up, in homage to all that is unholy, this fast paced 4 track MCD featuring 3 originals and 1 excellent cover of RETROSATAN’s classic “Plantificado La Muerte”. Black Thrash vocals meet traditional Speed Metal musicianship for the perfect soundtrack to accompany you on your trip to the netherworld! Released on 14 April 2017! Available!


BÖNEYARD Below Mediocrity MCD (BREW083)
Excavation of the local graveyards in Athens has unearthed this filthy foursome of hellbangers playing catchy, thirst inducing Black Thrash ‘N’ Roll with a good dose of Speed Metal and Punk attitude! These 4 songs is what you’d get if VENOM meets up with MOTÖRHEAD and BATHORY to jam and have a couple whiskeys and then the wild bastards of GEHENNAH show up to join the evil RnR party! It’s filthy, it’s raw, it’s BÖNEYARD! Features a fantastic cover art courtesy of Five Miligrams, a 6 panel booklet and 3 originals with a cool rendition of the GEHENNAH classic “Decibel Rebel”! Released 23 March 2017! Available!


FYRECROSS Burn Them To The Ground MCD (BREW082)
Most know by now that the Hellenic Metal scene is brimming with talented bands and these guys are no exception! We’re giving their outstanding debut EP from 2016 the silver CD treatment it deserves, having previously only been issued on CDR, limited to 150 hand numbered copies by the guys themselves. Expect pure Heavy Speed Metal a la IRON MAIDEN on speed! Our version has a slightly different layout than the original as well. We’re rather sure that the only problem anyone will have with this one is it’s length! ;) Released 18 February 2017! Available!


CALAMITY Imminent Disaster CD (BREW081)
Facing calamity is something we do on an almost daily basis throughout our lives and now we have a fitting soundtrack, provided by these 4 guys from Puerto Rico! Their approach is very reminiscent of the complex Thrash of the very late 80s and early 90s, at a technical level like CORONER or HADES yet not quite going off into WATCHTOWER territory. Here we present a reissue of their independently released first full length from 2015, including a bonus track which until now has only been available digitally and a completely reworked layout based on the killer new cover art courtesy of Five Miligrams! Recommended for those into the already mentioned bands plus ZNOWHITE, HEATHEN or CARDINAL SIN! Released 18 February 2017. Available!


THE EVIL DEAD Earth Inferno CD (BREW080)
Hailing from Buenos Aires, THE EVIL DEAD have joined the Brewmistress on her mighty Metal crusade! Following their much praised debut, this is their second full length that takes the listener on a mythological journey of the occult, darkness and insanity! It is easy to get mesmerized and lost while listening to this amalgamation of straight up Rock N Roll like THIN LIZZY or LYNYRD SKYNYRD, melodic Metal like IRON MAIDEN or SLOUGH FEG and Death Metal like the more melodic offerings from CARCASS! Epic, heavy and addictive! Released 31 January 2017. Available!


TUMOURBOY Damaged System CD (BREW079)
The system is damaged and to tell the tale are these 4 Thrash addicted hooligans from China! With crushing, wild riffs, insane vocals and a dash of punk attitude, they speed through 9 tracks of nuclear Thrashing madness and mayhem! This European version of their debut full length, released by Mort Productions last year, includes 2 bonus tracks, an 8 page booklet and 2 sided inlay! If you are ready to Thrash like a maniac these guys are ready to oblige! A must have for all Thrashers! Released 31 January 2017. Available!


HELLFIRE Goat Revenge MCD (BREW078)
Our neverending search for what lurks in the underground has led us deep into the firey depths of the Ukraine to discover this hellish three piece! A haunting intro leads into 7 great songs, crafted into a fine dark brew of genuine Black Metal mixed with crushing Death Metal! These goatlords will appease all who crave heavy riffs, blasphemous vocals and attention to keeping the Heavy Metal in Black Metal, something sadly forgotten by a lot of today’s so called Black Metal bands! Released 31 January 2017. Available!


TOXICA Ahogados en Contaminacion CD (BREW077)
“Ahogados En Contamanicion” (“Drowning In Pollution”) is the debut full length of this Argentinian band that have most recently allied with Witches Brew to help spread the Thrash! With vibrant, steel edged riffs, aggressive vocals and destructive drums/basslines these 9 tracks are sure to satiate all who hunger for old style Thrash! This massive Thrash attack was clearly recorded while on a constant diet of EXODUS, TESTAMENT, SLAYER and the like mixed with copious amounts of tasty beer! As a special bonus, this features their entire “Egoismo Autodestructivo” (“Self-destructive Egoism”) EP from 2014, previously only available as CDR! I can’t say it enough: Thrash ’til Death!!! Released 9 December 2016. Available!


Have you ever wondered where the balls of 80s Metal disappeared to? The Brewmistress has the answer, they went to Argentina! This aptly named self titled EP features 4 catchy as hell Heavy Metal anthems that’ll have you raising your fists or air guitars up high and singing along! Previously only available as limited edition CDR from NMT Productions, we’re giving it the silver CD treatment it deserves with a six panel booklet and an exclusive bonus track that’s sure to please classic HELLOWEEN fans! ;) Definitely recommended for all into early HELLOWEEN, RIOT,  ACCEPT, MANOWAR, RUNNING WILD, etc.! Released 24 December 2016. Available!


EVIL FORCE Banging On The Pentagram CD (BREW075)
You already know these guys from our brewtiful split 7″ with PYÖVELI that came out in November, now we’re offering up a huge portion of Thrashing Speed Metal made in Paraguay on this, their second full length, following the superb “Ancient Spores” debut! 8 tracks of a no compromise, all out riff massacre of burning steel and oldschool speed Thrashing! Get your spikes and leather on, it’s time to Thrash the EVIL FORCE way, furious and raw! Highly recommended for fans of RAZOR, SACRIFICE or the lesser known but still killer, MACE! Released 24 December 2016. Available!


STORMDEATH Time To Destroy CD (BREW074)
Ripping and roaring things up, it’s time to drink ‘n’ destroy with STORMDEATH!!The Brewmistress has ventured to Sweden once again and is proud to present you this excellent debut of Thrashing Heavy Metal! Paying keen attention to the almighty riff, catchy hooks and solos that are the foundations of Heavy Metal, these guys tear through 9 alcohol fueled tracks of pure thrashing goodness! Imagine a mixture of classic JUDAS PRIEST with early EXODUS or METALLICA  and you’ve got the perfect soundtrack to your next beer bash! Raise your beer and thrash ’til death! Released 9 December 2016. Available!


SPIRITBELL Guided By Evil Light CD (BREW073)
Passionate, creative, diverse… these words describe this Hungarian band perfectly! Following several independent releases they’ve now allied themselves with Witches Brew to show the world what they have to offer. This CD, originally planned as an EP, has been expanded with 5 extra tracks, bringing the playing time over 48 minutes! Their music is as heavy as it is varied, in some tracks Heavy, dark Doom is the focus while in others a more traditional German style Heavy Metal approach is taken. The catchy riffs and powerful vocals will infect!! Released 10 November 2016. Available!


BLACKENED Truth Behind Destruction CD (BREW072)
In the face of adversity, these Brazilian maniacs have delivered one hell of a great Thrash album! “Truth Behind Destruction” features 9 tracks, mixing the best of classic Bay Area Thrash (TESTAMENT, VIO-LENCE, SLAYER), Heavy Metal (MOTÖRHEAD, UFO) with a good helping of Punk (BLACK FLAG, RATOS DE PORÃO, DISCHARGE) for a hair flying, crunch laden thrashing experience! Horns up and Thrash ’til Death! Released 10 November 2016. Available!

MOSH-PIT JUSTICE Stop Believing Lies CD (BREW071)
“Stop Believing Lies” is the 3rd chalice of blood by this Bulgarian band so I’m sure some of you know what to expect. Those of you who don’t, follow me off the edge and march into fire with the MOSH-PIT JUSTICE. Authentic sounding Bay Area Thrash Metal twisted into form anew to summon infinite forbidden evil. Strictly for fans of HEATHEN, FORBIDDEN and other Bay Area legends! Released 31 October 2016. Available!


SPEEDWHORE On The Verge Of Dysfunction MCD/MLP (BREW070)
Munich’s rumbling Black Thrashers celebrate their 10th year anniversary with this outstanding EP that is available as both MCD (limited to the usual 700 copies) and 10″ MLP (black, limited to 300 copies and including a 4 panel A5 insert)! This new release features 7 tracks of finely crafted Germanic Black Thrash that’ll get all skulls banging in a frenzy with alcoholic force! Revisiting some old staples and paying homage to VIOLENT FORCE, this is a stunning release!!! MCD released 31 October 2016, MLP released 24 December 2016. Available!


LETHAL SHÖCK Evil Aggressor CD/LP (BREW069)
Chicago trio LETHAL SHÖCK drinks from the purest well of Heavy Metal glory and pisses out their own brand – Atomik Metal. A bastardization of D-beat, Speed and Heavy Metal with majestic guitar solos, they definitely don’t re-invent the wheel, they just cover it with spikes, light it on fire, and hurl it down a mountain towards a church picnic while slamming Coors banquet beer and hailing the goat. Solidified, electrified, and drunkified, LETHAL SHÖCK is the vomit coated boot on the back of every poseur’s skull. Prepare yourself for the atomik age of Metal!!! Released on CD 22 July 2016 and LP with insert 23 March 2017. Available!


PYÖVELI / EVIL FORCE Nocturnal Annihilation Split 7″ (BREW068)
Witches Brew presents this thrashingly evil split between Finland’s PYÖVELI and Paraguay’s EVIL FORCE! Available as black vinyl, limited to 300 hand numbered copies and including a black and white A4 insert, this split features two brand new songs from each band! As we’ve always done things a bit different, on this one, each side features 1 track from each band! Expect a dangerous meeting forged with raw steel and pounding energy! Thrash ’til Death!!! Released 10 November 2016. Available!



SURTUR Descendant Of Time MCD (BREW067)
Deep in the Bangladesh underground exists SURTUR, a 4 headed beast whose metallic approach follows in the ancient footsteps of Teutonic Thrashers KREATOR or SODOM combined with Brazilian late 80s masters SARCOFAGO or old SEPULTURA! Previously only available as CDR it’s getting the professional treatment with reworked layout! This short but intense EP features 4 tracks, one instrumental opener and 3 hair flying, fist pumping bangers! Prepare to be engulfed in the furious firestorm that is “Descendant Of Time”!! Released 26 February 2016. Available!


INSULTER Crypts Of Satan CD/LP (BREW066/LHP004)
Ever on a quest to discover what treasures lie deep in the underground the Brewmistress, together with Left Hand Path Records (DE), has ventered into the Crypts Of Satan and unearthed a blood red jewel of Black Thrash perfection! The infusion of Doom and Death elements here and there make this a truly unique release! Available as black vinyl with printed inner sleeve through the cooperation with LHP and exclusive CD with different layout on WB. Grab yourself a (Satanic) Bier and prepare for battle! Released 08 April 2016. CD Available, LP Sold Out!

ACID AGE Like A Runaway Combine In A Field Of Crippled Rabbits CD (BREW065)
Soon to be renamed the album with the long ass title, we’ve got the second offering on the Brew from off the wall hyper Thrashers ACID AGE! Holding true to their self branded label of “Hyper Thrash”, this new album rip roars through 7 tracks of crossover tinged and extremely pissed off Thrash Metal! Serious whiplash will ensue, while roaring along to alcohol fueled ragers like Thrash Novelty or Shotgun In Your Mouth! Again, this band is for all those that like bands such as WEHRMACHT, TANKARD or CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER! Released 24 June 2016. Available!


CRIMSON STORM Speed Hammerin’ Metal 7″ (BREW064)
Originating from Sardinia, Italy, CRIMSON STORM allied with Witches Brew in late 2015. Independently they released their debut EP “Motor City Maniac” a year before. Now they’re back in 2016 with a brand new single, “Speed Hammerin’ Metal”, showcasing finely crafted Speed/Heavy Metal brilliance. 7″ also includes a rerecorded version of “Headfukker” from the “Motor City Maniac” EP and a cover of TYRAN’ PACE’s “Shockwaves”. Mark my words, this band is going to take the Metal underground by storm! Released 11 January 2016. Available!


WAR ATROCITIES / WHIPSTRIKER Struck By Warwhip Split 7″ (BREW063)
Yeah, we really like WAR ATROCITIES here at the Brew and with the added bonus of one of my favorite filth hounds, WHIPSTRIKER, we’re plenty happy to be struck repeatedly by the Warwhip! Following closely on the heels of the great “Necromantical Legions” MCD (despite that MCD having been recorded after the 7″ tracks) this one offers up 2 exclusive tracks from each band. Filthy Heavy Speed Metal meets Black Thrash with Speed/Crust influences! A must have! Released 11 January 2016. Available!

SABOTER Mankind Is Damned CD (BREW062)
These Greeks are definitely right on their debut full length following their self titled MCD from 2015, Mankind IS Damned! This captivating concept album portrays that sentiment perfectly with 8 tracks of an in your face powerful mixture of Heavy Metal, US style Power Metal and Thrash! Save yourself from damnation and buy this fantastic album now! Will certainly appeal to fans of early 90s JUDAS PRIEST (Painkiller!!), some ICED EARTH or JAG PANZER! Released 06 July 2016. Available!


Vicious Thrash forged and tempered in Malaysia! Witches Brew proudly presents this debut full length, containing 8 unrelenting tracks of raw, intense, early 80s inspired Teutonic Thrash! Following in the footsteps of the classic material from SODOM, KREATOR and DESTRUCTION this foursome pour in a good dose of Black, Punk and Speed into their molten mix! Add to that some absolutely ripping solos and you’ve got a dangerous Brew! Before listening to this, you’d better secure yourself a neckbrace! Highly recommended for fans of Teutonic Thrash, VENOM, old BATHORY, DESASTER and the like! CD released 26 February 2016, 10″ PIC DISC LP released 18 February 2017. Available!


After a year of silence, these wild Greek Thrash maniacs are back with force, presenting their second aural horror entitled “Revel In Demise”. Heavily inspired by the European Speed/Thrash/Extreme Metal scene of the 80′s, this release marks a new era for the band, resulting in the perfect mix of mighty Heavy metal rhythms, Speed Metal madness, Thrash Metal sacrifices and early Black Metal spooky atmosphere making this album a monument of TOTAL METAL! Released 24 December 2015. Available!


WAR ATROCITIES Necromantical Legions MCD (BREW059)
Hailing from the moors of Croatia, this one man band has joined forces with Witches Brew to spread regression and mayhem! While awaiting the split with WHIPSTRIKER to be unleashed in early 2016, we’re offering up this excellent MCD of fantastic Black/Thrash with plenty of Speed/Crust influences, accompanied by evil/death/war related lyrical themes! Definitely recommended for fans of HELLHAMMER, BATHORY or TOXIC HOLOCAUST! Released 24 December 2015. Available!


RAPTURE “Crimes Against Humanity” CD (BREW058)

Prophets of all creeds have predicted the RAPTURE for centuries, now Witches Brew have delivered. Be among the chosen of the Thrash Gods and ascend to the sounds of “Crimes Against Humanity”, a debut chock full of prime cuts of fine Death Thrash a la DEMOLITION HAMMER, DEATH or DARK ANGEL. Released 30 October 2015! Available!


VIGILANCE “Hounds Of Megiddo” CD (BREW057)

From their lair in some enchanted castle ruin, high up in the mountain forests of Slovenia, the hounds are hunting again… Those who witnessed their earlier incarnation will rub their eyes and ears in wonder for this is an entirely different pack of beasts. Gone are the wailing vocals, replaced by the hoarse shrieks of souls undead and suffering while the axe work remains distinct and traditional in a very MERCYFUL FATE kind of way! Released 31 August 2015. Available!


TYRANT’S KALL “Gla’aki” CD (BREW056)

Crawling from a primordial slime pit somewhere in Flanders comes this 2nd album of TYRANT’S KALL. Long awaited by all followers of Lovecraftian Horror, “Gla’aki” will enslave you and turn you into mindless zombies suffering in eternal torment that can only be endured by playing this record over and over. You have been warned. Stay away or both your Doom and your Death will be assured. Or will it? Released 31 August 2015. Available!


NADIMAC “Manifest Protiv Sudbine” CD (BREW055)

Witches Brew presents you with the whiplash inducing 4th full length from these wild Serbians! This album is an energetic, rip roaring, intense Thrash ride that takes you on an aggressive, politically charged journey! Take responsibility for your own whiplash, we certainly won’t! Features some fantastic artwork from Silencer 8, a 12 page booklet with an informative write up from Danilo of each songs topic (for us non Serbian speakers). Released 10 June 2015. Available!



The Brewmistress ventured to the front lines of Tampere, Finland and was met by a vicious old school Death Metal bulldozer aptly named SHRAPNEL STORM!!! This debut full length, following 4 demos to hone their devastating attack, contains 10 powerful, very heavy tracks of BOLT THROWER, OBITUARY and BENEDICTION inspired, pure Death Metal! These guys are ready for battle! Are you? Includes 12 page booklet with all lyrics! Released 10 June 2015. Available!


SPEEDWHORE “The Future Is Now” CD (BREW053)

The ominous Requiem Mass is answered by The Call and the Grand War begins… Much has been written about the genre of Black Thrash but these guys open an entirely new genre that I would like to baptize Black Speed. Imagine VENOM and MERCYFUL FATE playing covers of ABATTOIR, NASTY SAVAGE or IRON ANGEL during a drunk rehearsal and for some songs (Secret Science or Wither On The Vine), HAWKWIND come over from the room next door to jam. It’s a rather original mix these guys came up with after having haunted the sewers of Munich since 2006! Released 24 April 2015. Available!


NIGHTBREED “Nightbreed” CD/LP (BREW052)

Are you still listening to classic records like “Bonded By Blood” or “Pleasure To Kill” and wonder why there aren’t that many aggressive bands like that anymore, bands who can play fast and don’t descend into War Metal territory? Weep into your beers no longer because Witches Brew has dug up NIGHTBREED from Greece! This debut full length is sure to please, offering 38 minutes of pure, fast, aggressive Thrash like in the days of old! CD released 13 March 2015, LP released 08 April 2016 in cooperation with Left Hand Path Records. Available!


VOLCANIC “Okkult Witch” 10″ Picture Disc (BREW051)

The “Okkult Witch” demo tape from 2013 gets the vinyl treatment on Witches Brew! This stunning 10″ picture disc contains the complete demo plus 2 brand new bonus tracks! All tracks have been remastered specifically for this release resulting in a crushing, all out Black Thrashing Speed Metal orgy! As an added bonus each pic disc includes a high quality woven patch featuring the front cover design! Limited to 500 copies and housed in a deluxe PVC bag with flap. Highly recommended for fans of bands like DESASTER, VENOM or DESTRÖYER 666! Released 24 April 2015!! Available!


BLACKENED “Underground Attack” MCD (BREW050)

This young band from Brazil has joined the Brewmistress on her mighty Thrash crusade! To bridge the time while they work on their debut full length due out on Witches Brew later this year, we’ve done a reissue (with a different layout) of their self released 6 track MCD from 2014, previously only available in a limited run of 200 copies. They are heavily influenced by the classic Bay Area sound, mixing in some Crossover and NY Thrash nuances for a ferocious, in your face Thrash Attack! Together we march forward, proudly proclaiming that Thrash will never die!! Released 13 February 2015. Available!


ACERO LETAL “Veloz Invencible / Duro Metal” 7″ (BREW049)

Following their 2008 demo, ACERO LETAL from Chile have taken the Brewery by storm with 2 brand new tracks of driving Heavy/Speed Metal greatness praising the ultimate glory of Heavy Metal! In the best tradition of classic bands like MURO or BARON ROJO to name just a few, these guys thoroughly shred, leaving it impossible to hold your head still! Available as black vinyl with A4 insert containing lyrics for both songs (with translations) and liner notes. An absolute must have for all into Traditional Heavy and Speed Metal! Duro Metaaaaaaal! Original print released 01 February 2015! Reprint released in October 2015. Sold Out!



EXCIMER “Thrash From Fire CD (BREW048)

From the exotic far reaches of Alexandria, Egypt comes the mighty 5 headed Thrash beast EXCIMER! This debut full length, previously only available as a free digital download in 2014, gets an official release on the Brew, completely remastered with a full 8 page booklet and two additional bonus tracks! Fuelled by energetic, youthful enthusiasm and a pure desire to Thrash like maniacs, these guys perfectly meld the US and Teutonic styles, overlaying that with vicious Death Thrash style vocals to satiate even the hungriest of thrash fiends! Highly recommended for fans of NUM SKULL, EXODUS, PRIME EVIL, BURNT OFFERING or KREATOR! Released 13 March 2015. Available!


SABOTER “Saboter” CD (BREW047)

The Brewmistress has uncovered a hidden gem in Greek newcomers SABOTER! This debut 5 track EP is where pure Classic Heavy Metal meets US Thrash for over 18 minutes of crunch laden riffs, powerful vocals and addicting melodies! This is straightforward pure Metal taking influence from the very best of early 90s MELIAH RAGE, SANCTUARY, JUDAS PRIEST, METALLICA and ICED EARTH! If you crave the crunch SABOTER can satisfy! Released 09 January 2015. Available!



10 song split between two killer Greek bands! HILLBILLY REVENGE from Drama get things rolling with 5 catchy tracks of Bay Area inspired Crossover Thrash with powerful clean vocals while HUMAN SLAUGHTER from Thessaloniki dominate the other 5 tracks with crust infested Crossover Thrash combined with Death Thrash style vocals. Package includes two completely separate 6 panel booklets for each band plus an additional 2 sided insert as the official cover. Highly recommended for all into the Bay Area sound, New York 80s Hardcore and bands like NUCLEAR ASSAULT, S.O.D., ANTHRAX, CRO-MAGS, GAMA BOMB or D.R.I.! Released 09 January 2015. Avaialable!


PYÖVELI “Still Underground” CD (BREW045)

After a far too long (but well worth it) wait, that nasty spiked mail bat has made its third trip from the cold vastlands of Finland to drop off another crushing slab of filthy and wild old school Thrash that might as well have been recorded in 1985! This duo of brothers in Thrash have delivered another fantastic and consistant album containing 10 brand new tracks of total metal worship! Crush the false! Highly recommended for all whose hunger for the ancient Teutonic sound (SODOM, DESTRUCTION, KREATOR) cannot be satiated! Released 14 November 2014. Available!


ACID AGE “Drone Shark Ethics” CD (BREW044)

In true Witches Brew fashion the Brewmistress has unearthed a very special brew of Hyper Thrash crossover insanity from BelFAST! There’s definitely something in the water there that breeds speed! Throughout the 13 blistering tracks, this trio of maniacs shift from quick to quicker, leaving you thoroughly thrashed and breathless! Features a very special guest appearance from Felix Griffen (Ex-D.R.I., BAT, KRIGBLAST)! Highly recommended for fans of WEHRMACHT, D.R.I., TANKARD, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, EXCEL or THE ACCÜSED! Released 14 November 2014. Available!



We’ve brewed up the LP version of their 2012 self released CD with a never before released bonus track and vinyl specifix mix! Available as 250 copies regular black and 250 copies black/pale green “A Side/B Side” effect, both with insert. Their music, inspired by Lovecraft, cannot be categorized in any traditional metallic subdivision. With obvious influences of Doom and old school Swedish Death Metal in the vein of DISMEMBER and old ENTOMBED, one can also hear some Thrash Metal and even 70′s Rock is not shunned. It is precisely this mixture of styles and influences that renders TYRANT’S KALL their uniqueness along with the fantastic 3 pronged vocal approach by Esmee Tabasco. Hear the TYRANT’S KALL! Released 18 September 2014. Available!


ENDLESS RECOVERY “Resistant Bangers” 7″ (BREW042)

These crazy Greek Thrash maniacs showcase two brand new, raging tracks on this debut release for Witches Brew! For those that like their Thrash raw, filthy and insane this is exactly what the doctor of mayhem has ordered! Available as black vinyl with printed inner sleeve, including lyrics so you can take the Brewmistresses challeng and attempt to keep up with vocalist Michalis! Recommended for fans of old SLAYER, SODOM, KREATOR or RAZOR! Released 21 July 2014. Available!


ALITOR “Eternal Depression” CD (BREW041)

Following their demo EP from 2012, this debut full length for Witches Brew from young Serbians ALITOR features 8 tracks, clocking in at over 40 minutes, of outstanding Thrash Metal that aptly combines the straightforward approach of the 80s Bay Area sound and the technical edge of bands like DEATH or ATHEIST. Truly a masterpiece of Thrash greatness that will ensure snapped necks and thirsty throats everywhere! From super fast tracks to more midpaced numbers, this disc is sure to please anyone who revels in the glory of the Bay Area sound but look for just a bit more complexity. Recommended for fans of FORBIDDEN, EXODUS, VIO-LENCE, HEATHEN, TESTAMENT or the aforementioned DEATH and ATHEIST. Released 28 August 2014. Available!

REDIMONI/GRAVEYARD “The Procession Of The Gravedemons – The Ultimate Profanation” 7″ (BREW040)

Finally the long awaited release of this split 7″ has arrived! Limited to 500 hand numbered copies, this profane split is available in 2 versions: splatter blue/orange (250) and regular black (250). The REDIMONI side features 2 previously unreleased thrashy tracks that surely annihilate without mercy, leaving nothing but wrecked necks and thirsty mouths behind! The GRAVEYARD side features a 2009 re-recorded version of “Into The Mausoleum”, a crushing and haunting track originally recorded in 2008 that would make even a zombie forget about eating brains and headbang (at least for 5 minutes and 34 seconds anyway)!! Video: Split Preview. Released 13 June 2014. Available!



Imagine HIRAX and NUCLEAR ASSAULT getting drunk in the rehearsal room and playing AGENT STEEL covers and you have an idea what these warp speed warriors from St. Louis, Missouri have to offer on their second full length! Originally released on CD by the band themselves, this fantastic album gets the Vinyl treatment on Witches Brew. Includes, as bonus, re-recorded versions of “Rogue Trader” and “Spinefisting Terror” from their self released full length from 2008. Black vinyl with 2 sided insert containing all lyrics for sufficient shouting along! First 100 LPs include a metal logo pin! Video: Inquisitor’s Inquest. Released 13th June 2014. Available!



Witches Brew has teamed up with Iron Shield Records to co-release this double CD anthology containing all material, remastered from the old original tapes by Barry Waddell himself, from the first 2 SEASONS OF THE WOLF albums, “Scraps From The Masters Table” and “The Black & Silver”, previously only available in very limited quantities on tape many moons ago! This mystical journey into the past, 1988-1991 to be exact, offers over 120 minutes of fine Traditional and Progressive Heavy Metal infused with copious amounts of classic 70s Rock. You are guaranteed to be mesmerized by their trademark atmospheric keyboard layers and evokative emotional melodies! Recommended for fans of DIO, HAWKWIND, DEEP PURPLE, SAVATAGE, BLACK SABBATH or BLUE ÖYSTER CULT! MP3s: Hells Fire & Brimstone, The Blood Tree and Master Plan. Released 14th March 2014. Available!


CHAIN OF DOGS “Burning Bridges In A World Of Death – De Ep’s en nog get mieë” CD (BREW037)

The DOGS howl again! To bridge the time while they record their follow up full length to “Gebroake Gehange en Gewroake” (also available on Witches Brew) we present this great compilation which gathers their 2 EPs, previously only available on CDR, some gritty old demo tracks from 2006, a remix of 2010′s “Doa is mie Land” and a completely unreleased track. Includes an 8 page booklet featuring full lyrics, classic band pics and more! Get ready for some fantastic Folky Thrash infused with Punk from these crazy Limburgian Motherfolkers! This truly is the Eps and a bit more! :) Recommended for those who would enjoy a mixture of SKYCLAD, early CRUACHAN, SLAYER, FLOGGING MOLLY and MOTÖRHEAD! MP3s: Ich bring d’r Doeëd and Bridgeburners. Released 10th February 2014. Available!


AMOK “Somewhere In The West” CD (BREW036)

The patches have aligned perfectly for the reunion of Witches Brew and Scotland’s purveyers of fine “Clyde Bay Area Thrash”! This long awaited and highly anticipated second album, clocking in at over 50 minutes, is a monster of a Thrash release! They’ve amped up the aggression factor, tossed in a touch of technicality and skillfully built that over a solid foundation of their trademark hook laden choruses and catchy riffs. If you regularly mosh and feast on a diet of ANTHRAX, EXODOS, FORBIDDEN, SACRED REICH or HEATHEN and also enjoy some early 90s SUICIDAL TENDENCIES then this album is a prime cut of Thrash you absolutely must indulge in! MP3s: ‘Somewhere In The West‘ and ‘Lawbreakers‘. Released 29th November 2013. Available!


MIDNITE HELLION “Hour Of The Wolf” 7″ (BREW035)

The Hour Of The Wolf has arrived! Sink your fangs in deep and don’t let this limited single escape! With a powerhouse line up, New Jersey’s Heavy Metal maniacs unleash 2 songs showcasing a fantastic mixture of authentic Heavy, Power and Speed Metal that would make all members of IRON MAIDEN throw the horns and headbang! Every instrument melds perfectly with the outstanding vocals of PJ Berlinghof! This taster of what’s to come in 2014 will leave all who hear it hungry for more! Available in 2 limited, hand numbered versions: 100 translucent blue including an A1 poster, a PVC sticker of the album cover and a lyrics/merchandise order form and 400 regular black including an A1 poster and a lyrics/merchandise order form. Video: Hour Of The Wolf. Released 29th November 2013. Available!


STONE MAGNUM “From Time… To Eternity” DCD (BREW034)

Witches Brew has teamed up with Michigan City, Indiana’s dictators of doom (featuring Dean Tavernier from SKULLVIEW!) and we are extremely proud to present this very special European version of their second album “From Time… To Eternity”! This massive 2 CD release includes as a bonus their entire 2012 self titled debut, available for the first time on CD! Not only do you get over 90 minutes of brilliant Doom Metal but also a grandiose 12 page booklet for “From Time… To Eternity” and a 6 page booklet for “Stone Magnum”! This release is as heavy as the music contained within! Highly recommended for fans of bands like CANDLEMASS, COUNT RAVEN, BLACK SABBATH, ST. VITUS or TROUBLE! MP3s: ‘By An Omen I Went‘ and ‘Pictures Of Your Life‘. Released 07th October 2013. Available!


SACRIFICIAL BLOOD “Unholy Fucking Hatred” CD (BREW033)

New Jersey’s heavy metal maniacs SACRIFICIAL BLOOD are thoroughly Crushing The False on this long awaited debut full length. We could just leave it at that but nahh, with a drummer preaching the Glory of Metal accompanied by two ministers of mayhem on bass and guitar these guys look and sound like AUTOPSY playing EXCITER covers and there’s hardly a more direct way to go for the throat than that, is there?! Released in February 2011. Available!


CHAIN OF DOGS “Gebroake, Gehange En Gewroake” CD (BREW032)

On their debut full length (whose title translates to “Broken, Hanged And Avenged”) Holland’s CHAIN OF DOGS have a successful go at the underbelly of Folk music to get to its guts and serve them to you in a bloody mix of Thrash and Punk. Blending the traditional with the loud, these mangy motherfolkers will leave you crushed in their wake, like the heavy boots of miners storming to their favourite pubs after a hard day’s work! Check out songs like ‘Doa Is Mie Land’, or the title track, ‘Gebroake, Gehange En Gewroake’ both sung in their local Limburgian dialect and you will be hooked! No remorse, no regrets… if you hear the howling be sure the DOGS are near! Unleashed in December 2010. Available!


PYÖVELI “Not A God, Just An Executioner” CD (BREW031)

For those that finally recovered from the tire iron to the groin that was “The New Renaissance…” have we got some rather bad news for you! The spiked mail bat delivered this package from Suomi’s filthy Thrashing Militia containing 11 new chapters of raging Thrash Metal insanity somewhere between old SODOM and even older RAVEN. The PYÖVELI maniacs, ever on the Road To Hell, have upgraded from tire iron to bridgepole and they swing it with a vengeance! How are you possibly going to protect your groin and neck simultanously…? You are so thrashed! Released in April 2011. Available!


DEATHHAMMER “Phantom Knights” CD (BREW030)

Listen as the eerie “Cold Winds Of Death” howl and like phantom knights the Norwegian Armoured Assassins rise from the North to ravage, plunder and burn Europe’s shorelines once again. In their wake ride the souls of the departed, barely veiled in their rotten and tattered ’80s Metal shirts. Those who did not sissy out in bunkers and basements during the first raid under the sign of the DEATHHAMMER can testify to the testosterone and alcohol fueled thrash infernö delivered by these warriors. Originally released in September 2010 with a limited number of CDs including a one of a kind T-shirt, reprinted in August 2013. Available!


EVIL SHEPHERD “Sowing Death” CD (BREW029)

Beware the EVIL SHEPHERD’s ‘Satanic Attack’ as he prowls the streets of Belgium pursuing his favourite sport, the ‘Priesthunt’. The soundtrack to this bloody amusement is so close to old SLAYER that one might assume that these guys were fathered backstage after the legendary SLAYER show in Poperinge. Throwing a fistbanging Heavy Metal part into the thrashing cyclone is not beyond the EVIL SHEPHERD, so expect a splendid raging time with this album. Unless you’re a priest. Released in September 2010. Sold Out!


MECHANIX “Sonic Point Blank” CD (BREW028)

One could just state that “this is the best MEGADETH album since “Rust In Piece”” but that would not do these alcohol fueled thrash maniacs from Nürnberg any justice. Clearly, a band called MECHANIX doesn’t even try to hide their inspiration yet the ten tracks contained on this second fulll length go far beyond mere cloning and simply pick up where the original artist lost it almost 20 years ago. Includes 8 additional bonus tracks taken from their 2003 self released debut! Released in June 2010. Available!


HORRIFIER “Grim Fate” CD (BREW027)

As the 80s were drawing their last breath and most people had moved on to Death Metal, Grunge or left altogether, small pockets of resistance metal fighters remained. Bands like ARCANE, KINETIC DISSENT, ICED EARTH, BLACKKOUT or BITTER END were trying to fill the void left by their forebearers and though most of them are forgotten today, they did not have any less talent and deserve to be remembered. Alternating between the realms of Speed, Power and Thrash Metal, New Jersey’s own HORRIFIER (now sadly broken up) follow these traditions on their debut full length, as all 8 songs on their one and only full length clearly show. CD features a guest appearance by ICED EARTH drummer Greg Seymour on ‘Exordium / From Beyond The Grave’.  Released in May 2010. Available!


SCYTHE “Season Of The Tall Pines” CD (BREW026)

Germany’s Progressive Death Metal masters are back, with their 4th full length album, this time completely transcending the boundaries of Death Metal and Space Rock! They manage to once more step forward and mesmerize their listeners with psychedelic songs like ‘Dance In The Autumn Breeze’ or ‘The Space We left Behind’ (which is so HAWKWIND you should be required to smoke up before you press “Play”). For all that crave the 70s Rock sound but want a bit of a heavier Death Metal vibe to it for variation, this album is right up your alley! A truly mind blowing combination! Released in March 2010. Available!


TORTURE PULSE “Plague Poetry” CD (BREW025)

Shipwrecked on ‘Graveyard Island’ and awakened are the horrors of the TORTURE PULSE… Summoned forth from an ancient past when Death Metal was still dead, smelled rotten and above all had morbid melodies and was still Metal to begin with and feeding on an equal dose of (old) VITAL REMAINS and NIHILIST (known to late born ones as ENTOMBED…) this Finnish machinery of evil Death Metal is grinding into gear on it’s unstoppable path to certain doom. The ‘Hearse Awaits’ you… but will there be enough of you left to even fill a shoe box…? Released in Febuary 2010. Available!


AMOK “Downhill Without Brakes” CD (BREW024)

After a batch of home brewed demos these fun loving, hard thrashing lads from Glasgow Murder City have honed their brewing skills to perfection, offering this debut full length of premium brand Thrash Metal. With fine ingredients such as HEATHEN, FORBIDDEN, EXODUS, ANTHRAX and SACRED REICH, Global Hangover is certain! Will this advent the rise of “Clyde Bay Area Thrash”? Only time will tell. Released in February 2009. Available!


SALUTE “The Underground” CD (BREW023)

From the dark damp cellars of Bristol, so deep in The Underground that the graffiti on the dungeon walls is still in Latin, these disciples of Dr. Faust stir a vile brew of HELLBASTARD, CELTIC FROST and AXEGRINDER. Seasoned with a healthy dose of MOTÖRHEAD warts, their alcohol fueled brewtality should easily convince every follower of Thrash and Crust alike that this album is a must have! Released in February 2009. Available!


SAURON “Satanic Assassins” CD (BREW022)

The ‘Lords Of Slaughter And Warfare’ are at it again and their sophmore campaign demonstrates they mean business. Carried by a chainsaw bass that has been sorely missing in Metal since the glorious days of SLAUGHTER and VOIVOD (though ORDER FROM CHAOS did come close…) and driven by relentless drums, blistering guitar and roaring vocals this most basic of all possible band line-ups rips through the 7 songs of this album like a Demonic Possession. If you hunger for the dark, chaotic and haunting side of Thrash Metal you can’t go wrong here. Released in December 2008. Available!


MADGOYA “Put Olindrali Avlijanera” CD (BREW021)

Goya, the mythical Serbian dark lord of beer demands souls and these guys from the dank beer cellars of Novi Sad are eager to do their master’s bidding. “Put Olindrali Avlijanera” features alcohol soaked Thrash somewhere between S.O.D. and old TANKARD and songs like Duha Je Ostavila Devojka?! or Prdnio U Fenjer! will leave no throat dry and no neck unsnapped! Includes as bonus their “Number Of The Beers” CDR from 2003, remastered, plus a video for ‘Duha Je Ostavila Devojka’. Released in September 2008. Available!


DEATHHAMMER “Forever Ripping Fast” CD (BREW020)

Bending early SLAYER over a beer crate these Norwegian hellraisers of impurity are ripping it fast in their own twisted way. Brilliant Thrash Metal tracks like “Total Thrash Assault” or “Toxic Radiation” will have you whiplashed and thirsting for another keg of beer! Includes their limited demos, “Savage Poser Hunt” and “Wrath Of The Antichrist” as bonus. Originally released in September 2008 with a limited number of CDs including a one of a kind T-shirt, reprinted in August 2013. Available!


IMMACULATE “Thrash, Kill ‘N’ Deströy” CD (BREW019)

Spawned from the unholy communion of early Raven and bands such as DARK ANGEL, HOLY TERROR and DEATH ANGEL, these Swedish bastards just barely escaped the wrath of ThrashZilla and were able to record one huge, raging beast of a debut album that will leave every listener Leveled To The Ground in their wake. Released in March 2008. Available!


REDIMONI “Into The Coiling Arms Of Mayhem” CD (BREW018)

The Spanish Nail Maniacs are back with yet another orgy of Hellish Thrash and infernal vocals. The gnawing hunger caused by “The Onset Of Chaos” MCD in 2005 can finally be satisfied as Redimoni now serve a full platter of hymns of insanity. The Wrath Wars have been declared. There will be no quarter. You have been warned. First 100 copies included a red logo sew on patch (patch version sold out). Released in April 2008. Available!


PYÖVELI “The New Renaissance Of Speed & Thrash Metal” CD (BREW017)

Maniacal, neckbreaking Finnish Thrash for fans of the old German sound! Demonically possessed vocals tear through filthy fast riffs and razor sharp solos! If you can’t keep up with the massive PYÖVELI Attack then you will be hunted down and massacred by the poser destroying Predator! This album was previously only available as a self released CDR. This version includes as bonus a previously unreleased new song plus sew on logo patch for the first 100 copies (sold out). Released in April 2007. Available!


SCYTHE “Decay” CD (BREW016)

Getting pounded by the heavy oldschool Death Metal of ‘Bitterness’ or floating away on an atmospheric composition like ‘Pretending Not To See’, the new SCYTHE masterpiece offers the perfect mixture between both extremes. Add to that some oriental seasonings for a well rounded and varied 4th album somewhere between UNLEASHED and 90s VOIVOD. Bow to the majesty that is SCYTHE! Released in October 2006. Available!


GAMA BOMB “Survival Of The Fastest” CD (BREW015)

The fantastic debut full length from Northern Ireland based Speed Thrashers GAMA BOMB! On “Survival Of The Fastest”, previously only available as a self released CDR, fiends and mad scientists alike can relish in songs showing influence from bands like AGENT STEEL, DRI, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, ANTHRAX and TANKARD. Prepare to Thrash your skulls as the almighty Hell Trucker with his Steel Teeth (The Metal Jaw) take you on a ride of a lifetime! Released in April 2006 (numbered version sold out). Unnumbered reprint released in February 2010. Available!


REDIMONI “The Onset Of Chaos” MCD (BREW014)

We like to stick to full length recordings but when this mini album of great Thrash Metal from Spain arrived at the brewery, there was no question about it, it had to be BREW014! Contained on this are some of the most insane vocals I’ve heard in a long time! The Redimaniacs combine the old, raw Teutonic sound and the classic, thrashy US style with some hellish Rock’n’Roll and plenty of mid tempo, headbang-inducing riffs! Listen to Set Fire To Their Lands and Thraaaaaash! Released in December 2005. Available!


HAMMERWHORE “Hammerwhore” CD (BREW013)

Texas has bred some great bands and HAMMERWHORE are no exception! Songs like ‘Victim Of Psycho-Toxin’ or ‘Outlet Of Lust’ make the first album of this completely insane US Speed Thrash Metal band a real threat. HIRAX or NUCLEAR ASSAULT fans will absolutely love this, especially the high pitched vocals! The first 100 copies of the CD came with a sew-on logo patch (patch version sold out). Released in October 2005. Available!


DEVIL LEE ROT “Metalizer” CD (BREW012)

The 3rd CD of these pure Metal maniacs around frontman Devil Lee Rot features new material like ‘Pirates Of Hell’ as well as re-recorded older but familier songs like ‘In Hell Where Sinners Burn’ which get a fuller, more explosive sound than previously. If bands like RUNNING WILD, ANGEL WITCH and VENOM get your hair flying then you need this! First 100 copies came with DLR sew on fist logo patch (patch version sold out). Released in August 2004. Available!


SCYTHE “The Process Of Rotting” CD (BREW011)

This compiliation album celebrates SCYTHE’s 10th anniversary with songs mostly taken from their “Last Eclipse” (1999) and “Silent Is The Future” (2001) demos (only available as CDR), rerecorded for this special album. Certainly a special treat for those that are curious about the early roots of the band. As always one can expect heavy yet melodic Death Metal. The first 100 copies come with a sew on logo patch (still available! Last copies). Released in August 2004. Available!


VEXED “Destruction Warfare” CD (BREW010)

This second round of napalm from Italy’s VEXED features more blasting attacks of excellent Blackend Thrash Metal with destructive, bang inducing riffing, maniacal vocals and improved production as can clearly be heard in songs like ‘Nuclear Babylon’ or ‘Warblast’. For all fans of DESTRUCTION, DESASTER, KREATOR! Released in December 2004. Available!


DEVIL LEE ROT “Metal Dictator / Soldier From Hell” CD (BREW009)

Another excellent 2 on 1 release by the master of Blackend Heavy Metal still faithfully sticking to occult NWOBHM / VENOM roots. ‘Oath To Metal’ or ‘Metal Dictator’ would certainly be a great soundtrack for your next beer bash with the buddies! Released in September 2003. Available!


TOXIC HOLOCAUST “Evil Never Dies” CD (BREW008)

The legendary album that started it all! Evil truly Never Dies and to prove it, this army of one from the USA offers this very old school, straightforward Speed Thrash Metal gem with some blackend influences (think old Bathory). WARNING: Do not attempt to operate your CD player with a blood alcohol level LOWER than 0.2%! Songs like ‘Atomik Destruktor’ or the, by now, classic TOXIC HOLOCAUST “hit”, ‘War Is Hell’ are right on the mark. Released in September 2003. Sold Out!


SCYTHE “Poetry Of Illusions” CD (BREW007)

SCYTHE’s 2nd album sees a continuation of the fantastic mix of melody and brutality as heard in songs like ‘Late Summer’ or ‘Castaway’. And as bonus you get a video of the title track of their first album “On My Way Home”. Released in August 2003.


DEVIL LEE ROT “Hellscraper / A Little Devil Ain’t Enough” CD (BREW006)

With music deeply rooted in occult NWOBHM sounds like WITCHFYNDE, CLOVEN HOOF or ANGEL WITCH and vocals like old VENOM or BATHORY, DEVIL LEE ROT deliver their own raw form of Blackend Heavy Metal. ‘Hellmachine’ and ‘Root Of All Evil’ are tasters for two albums on one CD. Released in August 2002. Available!


THE CHASM “Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire” CD (BREW005)

Massive and ancient Mexican Death Metal with many references to aztec mythology. Songs like “Dark Cloud” or “Reveal The Truth” seek to widen the boundaries of Death Metal and succeed. Released in November 2002. Sold Out!


VEXED “Nightmare Holocaust” CD (BREW004)

Manic, wild and highly energized Italian Thrash Metal played with passion and the need to destroy all neck muscles! This 2nd full length features songs much in the vein of bands like classic KREATOR, BLOODFEAST, DESTRUCTION or NECRODEATH. ‘Nightmare Holocaust’ or ‘Death Justice’ could have been recorded in 1985! Released in July 2003. Available!


THARGOS “Killfukk” CD (BREW003)

Hectic and insane Blackend Thrash Metal that pretty much defies labeling. ‘Godz Of Black Metal’ or ‘Natural Selection’ are deeply rooted in ancient German traditions (SODOM, DESTRUCTION) but these crazy Germans have added many an exotic spice to their musical brew. Released in March 2003. Available!


HATEWORK “Madbent For Disaster” CD (BREW002)

Old school Thrash Metal from Italy in the vein of beeraholics TANKARD or BULLDOZER! Hymns like Madbent For Disaster or (We Are) Alcoholic Abusers are harbingers of total and utter delirium! WARNING: Do not attempt to operate your CD player with a blood alcohol level LOWER than 0.2%! Released in November 2002. Available!


SCYTHE “On My Way Home” CD (BREW001)

After recieving this as a promo to review for the now defunct Metal Gospel online zine, I decided it was time to start Witches Brew! The debut album of this brilliant German band offers songs like ‘Creation Of Wrath’ or ‘On My Way Home’ that skillfully and passionately blend oldschool Death Metal brutality (UNLEASHED, OBITUARY) with brilliant melodic atmosphere akin to old OPETH, late CORONER or ANACRUSIS. Released in June 2002. Available!